“Rawia is a fantastic therapist who truly cares about helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles to change. Her patience and kindness really helps people feel comfortable enabling positive change.”
— Sandra Quist, Owner at Saqura Wellness

Client Testimonials


“Rawia Liverpool: well, how to describe her and what she does? It’s not easy to put in words. One needs to experience this unique person and her capabilities.
I met Rawia some years ago. She was recommended to me by a counsellor I went to see because of my fear of flying. Too many stressful years in my life caused claustrophobic feelings and I felt unable to enter a plane. Our children were on the other side of the ocean and we needed to see them. And there was not much time. The counsellor told me: ‘Go to see Mrs Liverpool, she is a real expert on this one”. And she indeed proved to be! In just a few sessions she managed to help me overcome my fear and enjoy flying like I used to before. She knew how to put me at ease from the very first moment I entered her house. She is full of positive energy and knows exactly what she is doing. A very good and competent coach and I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending her!”

— Slavica van apeldoorn
experienced english and Dutch language teacher


“I have a terrible fear of flying which seems to worsen the older I get. Many times I’ve refrained from traveling in order to cater to that fear. Recently, I had to go on a business trip that I could not cancel and thus had an intensive online NLP session with Rawia Liverpool. Owing to time restraint, I could only have a 20 minutes session. In those 20 minutes Rawia was able to make me aware of the strategy I have been using to create the fear and to change that strategy to a more positive one. The session was simple yet intense. I did experience fear during take off and landing but was comfortable during the rest of the flight. I felt in control of my emotion rather than it being in control of me. I intend to come back for another longer session to eradicate this fear completely.”

— N.B.


“Rawia is a fantastic therapist who truly cares about helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles to change. Her patience and kindness really helps people feel comfortable enabling positive change.”

— Sandra Quist,
Owner at Saqura Wellness


“Nog nooit had ik gevlogen en was het eigenlijk ook niet van plan om te doen. Tot dat ik een aanbod kreeg om met mijn band in het buitenland een optreden te verzorgen. Maar er moest natuurlijk wel gevlogen worden en daar zag ik enorm tegen op.  Na een sessie met mevr Liverpool stapte ik licht zenuwachtig maar zonder angst het vliegtuig in. Sindsdien zijn al mijn vluchten zonder problemen.”

(I have never flown before and had no intention of doing so till I got an offer to play with my band abroad. That meant that I needed to fly and this was a huge obstacle for me. After a session with Mrs Liverpool I felt slightly apprehensive but without fear when I got into the plane. Since then I have no more problems with flying).”

— R.v.d. Hoogenband
Owner of De Bloemendoos and singer


“Sessions were much better than expected!
I feel great now.”

— J.M.


“Rawia helped me to cure my lifetime's struggle with insomnia. We had two sessions and, like magic, I no longer suffer in the way I did. Kind, attentive and patient, I would recommend Rawia to anyone.”

— Jo ParfitT,
Publisher, writer, speaker and writers’ mentor


“Rawia knows how to reach people in an analytical and very friendly way. I would strongly recommend her.”

— Astrid Flinterman

“Talking to Rawia about my relationship issues was so helpful. She was so comfortable to talk to, I felt like I was in chatting with an old friend at the kitchen table. She allowed me ample space to express myself and confront my issues and helped me see things in a completely new perspective. As a result, I am much more positive in my approach to relationships. I no longer see myself as a victim of circumstance but an active agent of change in my life. Thank you, Rawia!”

— S.C.


“First of all, I really enjoyed having someone to talk to and whom had gone through similar situations as me and I think this helped me realize that I’m not alone in these things. I received some really good advise which I have been applying to my life everyday and I am now more positive so I greatly benefited from it all!”

— T.K.


“I’m very happy I decided to have the sessions with you. From the start I had a good feeling about it and I feel a very good click and trust with you, which is very important. I feel strong now and am curious about my future, but I am living to the fullest now!”

— Bianca Schatzle


“Great – you have given me the tools and strategies I need right now. The book you recommended is excellent and I am trying to use the techniques right away.”

— P.G.


Rawia dank je wel voor jouw hulp. Na het eerste gesprek stond ik veel sterker in mijn schoenen. Ik heb heel veel angsten en het beeld dat ik over mezelf heb klopt niet met de werkelijkheid. Met haar hulp voel ik me zelfverzekerder en erg sterk. Ik zou mij nooit zo hebben gevoeld zonder haar hulp. Dank je wel!

Rawia is een heel fijn mens. Tijdens onze gesprekken kwam ik erachter dat zij echt om jou geeft en zij jou begrijpt.

Rawia thank you for your help. After the first conversation I felt much stronger in my shoes. I have a lot of fears and the image I have about myself is not true or realistic. With your help I feel more confident and strong. I would never have felt that way without your help. Thank you! Rawia is a very nice person. During our conversations I learned that she really cares about you and understands you.

— Zoweida Ahmadi


“I did not really know what to expect, but i was very positively surprised and Rawia really helped me. The technique is amazing!”

— Annete Wall


“It was helpful. It was relaxing, relieving and provided more self-confidence.”

— M.I.


“Excellent-Thank you for all the time and effort you put into preparing for my sessions. You are fabulous.”

— L.M.