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What Does Your Favourite Food Say About You?

Shortly before the commencement of module two, during my exciting journey of learning Transactional Analysis, our trainer, Rosemary Napper, asked us to go back in time to when we were six or seven years old and recall what was our favourite food. We were then to bring enough of this favourite food to the training session that weekend to allow each member of our group to taste a small portion. We were not to talk or discuss this amongst ourselves beforehand and wait till the designated day and time when we will share this food together in a planned exercise.

The NLP Fast Phobia Cure

The fast phobia cure is an NLP technique that is quick and effective for overcoming phobias and unpleasant feelings associated with trauma. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP, developed it in 1976. At that time the fast phobia cure was called V-K Dissociation process, as the process removes the feeling (K) from the visual (V) stimulus that triggers the unconscious phobic response.